Ildefons Alonso

Drums, keys & production

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Rhythm is the most elemental way to attract a listener´s attention. Strategically dosed, time pulls the thread of the unconscious, letting ideas emerge and creating a richly layered musical experience. With this premise Ildefons Alonso explores the possibilities of incorporating certain irregularities into musical structures.


Valentina & The Electric Post

"Words are the images that arrive straight through a telephone cable, without any interference.
Electric posts that constellate over the burned wheat fields.
An urban and natural rhythm, metropolitan and etheric.
It moves, but not too much. Better said, stirs."

Valentina & The Electric Post presents the music of Valentina Risi. Together, with Ildefons Alonso (El Petit de Cal Eril, Metrinova, La Sentina) reveal a strong voice through several extremely delicate and mysterious song. This 2019 is released their firs EP Before the Universe” (Hidden Track Records) fully produced and recorded at Konvent of Cal Rosal.