Ildefons Alonso is a drummer based between London and Catalonia. In 2016 he released his debut album Metrinova Vol. 1 (Underpool Records) where he develops his personal approach to composition and improvisation, involving several rhythm concepts related to Carnatic Indian Music.

He is a sensible and musical drummer who plays with delicacy and inventiveness. His background includes a broad experience in classical percussion, a Degree in classical piano and years of drums playing in several jazz, pop and rock projects. This 2017 Ildefons is developing his own projects with several British musicians including his UK Quartet that has released his EP November Mood. He lives in London, where is studying a Masters degree in Jazz and Composition at The Royal Academy of Music. He has been awarded to do so, both by the Royal Academy of Music (Bursary & Entrance Scholarship) and the Catalan Government (Scholarship OSIC).

He also has been offered an Alumni Collaboration (fellowship) in his former university ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) to develop his next album Metrinova Vol. 2 in exchange of teaching a workshop about his own music. He is already preparing several octet compositions for the Metrinova Vol. 3 which will be recorded after his graduation in 2018.

Nowadays, apart of his activity in the jazz scene he is performing around Catalonia and Spain with the outstanding Indie-Pop band  El petit de Cal Eril, and also developing a new duo project called TwinFormula (along with the guitarist Dani Comas) that intertwines jazz, pop, electronics and improvisation.