“Metrinova is the game that we wish we had when we were children. That harmless laboratory where you attempt to find what happens when a bit of a typical time signature is mixed with a pinch of something unknown… after which, little by little, thanks to a weighing scale, calculation and imagination, along with the smoke and the stains that remain on the table after playing, you can invent stories that have been told a thousand of times but probably never explained like this…”

Drummer Ildefons Alonso presents his first album Metrinova Vol. 1. Seven compositions within a regard to jazz tradition and his passion for investigating new rhythmical expressions.

The outstanding line-up includes the award-winning saxophonist Lucas Martínez, the delicate sophistication of guitarist Dani Comas and the experience and strength of Marc Cuevas. Their fierce performing brings to life these exceptional compositions which are full of character and extramusical connotations.

Ildefons Alonso is a drummer who formerly studied classical piano and percussion. He graduated in 2015 in Jazz Drums by the ESMUC (Escola Superior de Música de Catalunya) and nowadays lives in London where is going to study a Masters at The Royal Academy of Music.